China caught lying despite admitting the death of its soldiers!

China ‘admits’ 4 soldiers killed in Galwan clash!

America, Russia and other countries had estimated that nearly 40 to 45 Chinese soldiers were killed during the Galwan clash. Despite this, until yesterday, China maintained that not a single soldier of theirs had been killed. 

Beijing (China) – China has admitted now after eight months that 4 Chinese soldiers were killed on the night of 15th June 2020 in the clash with India in the Galwan valley in Ladakh.

Galwan valley

China has declared this after the military de-escalation on the banks of the Pangong Lake. One Colonel and 20 soldiers from India were martyred during the clash. China said that these Chinese soldiers were given posthumous gallantry awards. This news was reported in People’s Daily, a Chinese Government mouthpiece. However another Chinese daily ‘Global Times’ reported that 5 soldiers were killed. While four soldiers were killed during the clash, one soldier has been presumed drowned.

(Reference : Punjab Kesari TV)