Pop star Rihanna poses topless wearing Lord Ganesh pendant!

Faces flak on social media

The so-called seculars and liberals should understand that Rihanna had this pendant on just for the topless photoshoot, while she has never shown faith in Lord Ganesh otherwise. Her behaviour shows hatred for Hindus!

Some foreigners intentionally denigrate Hindu deities through various media in order to provoke Hindus. Indian Govt. must take drastic steps to put an end to this!

New Delhi – Pop star Rihanna is facing backlash on social media yet again. After getting schooled for tweeting in support of the ongoing farmers’ agitation in India, the singer is receiving flak for posing topless for an ad photoshoot while wearing a Lord Ganesh pendant.

Expressing dissent on the matter, union minister Giriraj Singh said, ‘I haven’t seen the picture, but Sanatan Hindu Dharma is very tolerant in India. Filmmakers, ad makers and separatists take undue advantage of this tolerance. They disrespect only the Hindu religion. They don’t dare to disrespect other religions as it will attract disaster. They are testing our patience.’

This is the second time that Rihanna has sported a Ganesh pendant. The last time she used a Jade Ganesh pendant to show off her similarly coloured nails.

(Reference: IndiaTV News)

Outrage over hadiths played in a song

Rihanna had earlier played songs with Hadiths in virtual runway show for her lingerie brand Fenty. (Hadiths refer to the records of words, actions of Prophet Muhammad) She had to apologise to the Muslim community following widespread outrage. (Will Rihanna apologise to the Hindus in same manner? – Editor)