Pledge ‘we two, ours five’, and teach the children to use weapons – BJP Leader

Instead of having many children it is better to impart education on Dharma and inculcate righteousness and patriotism in the children we have.

Although, the Pandavas were few in number, they won the battle against the Kauravas; because, they had the blessings of Lord Krishna. Similarly, increasing the number of Hindus will not resolve the problem. Even if the number of Hindus is less, if they have the blessings of God, they will conquer the evil forces!

Vineet Agarwal Sharda

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) – Vineet Agarwal Sharda (UP convenor, BJP business department) exhorted Hindus to take a pledge of ‘Hum 2 Hamare 5’ (having 5 children) till there are concrete laws on family planning. He said that the principle of ‘Hum 2 hamare 2’ should be abolished. He was speaking during the Republic Day celebrations here’s business department.

Sharda said,

  1. Of these 5 children, the most educated child should join politics; one child should be taught to use weapons to protect dignity, self-esteem and pride. One child should be sent to the Indian Army. One child must become a businessman and one child should become an officer in the Indian Administrative Service or the Provincial Administrative services and serve the Indians.
  2. If Maharaj Dasharath did not have 4 sons, Ravana’s rule would not have ended even today. Therefore, the country needs ‘Hum 2 Hamare 5’. If this does not happen, Bharat Mata will cry again. Bharat Mata will once again be in chains, and once again there will be a demand for Pakistan. Therefore I bow to Bharat Mata and support ‘Hum 2 Hamare 5’.

Instead of having many children, impart education on Dharma and inculcate Dharmik principles & patriotism in them !