Hindu Idols vandalised by unknown miscreants in Odisha

We are depicting this not to hurt religious sentiments, but to highlight the nature of vandalism.

Christian missionaries suspected to be involved in this vandalism

This vandalism has taken place in a village which is close to the border of Andhra Pradesh. For the past one and half years, over 120 incidents of vandalism in Hindu temples have taken place in Andhra Pradesh. Now it seems that this is spreading to Odisha as well. The Central Government ought to intervene and ensure the protection of temples and Idols of Hindu Deities.

Despite continued desecration of Deities in Hindu temples, Hindus are still quiet ! They neither protest nor oppose ! Why will even God save such indifferent Hindus during the coming adverse times ?

When Hindus cannot even protect their temples, how will they be able to protect their own houses and the Nation ?

Rayagada (Orissa) – Idols of Shri Saraswati Devi, Shri Lakshmi Devi and Shri Vrundavati Devi in Bhagawan Rameshwar Temple were vandalised by some unknown miscreants.

This Temple is located in Hukumatla village of Orissa’s Rayagada District which is close to the border of Andhra Pradesh. The incident came to light when the priest came to the Temple in the morning. The Temple management has reported that even gold ornaments in the Temple have been stolen. The Police are investigating this matter.

It is believed that Christian missionaries are plenty in this region. Hence, it is claimed that they may have played a role in this vandalism.