Massive outrage prompts Karnataka government to drop the idea of purchasing the book, ‘Why there is no need to have a Ram Mandir?’

The books were meant to be distributed to public libraries!

The question arises, ‘how was the decision to purchase the book taken in the first place?’

K.S. Bhagwan’s controversial book ‘Why not Ram Mandir?’

Bengaluru –The Government of Karnataka had planned to purchase copies of K.S. Bhagvan’s book ‘Why there is no need to have a Ram Mandir?’, to be distributed to public libraries,. Following massive protests, the government has finally canceled the decision to purchase the book.

K.S. Bhagwan

Speaking on this issue, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Suresh Kumar clarified, “The Government will not buy any book that hurts the sentiments of sections of society. I will not encourage any such activity.” On one hand, the ruling party is involved in a nationwide campaign to collect donations for the construction of Shri Ram Mandir, while on the other, the government is purchasing controversial books about Shri Ram. This is unacceptable. This move elicited disapproval even within the BJP. The book’s theme centers around the question whether people even need temples.