Do not fall prey to rumours about the new farm laws !

Prime Minister Modi’s address to the farmers

New Delhi – Some people are spreading rumours that the farmers’ lands will be grabbed because of the new farm laws. Do not be misled by such rumours. Some leaders are using the farmers to gain political mileage. Prime Minister Modi condemned those opposing the farm laws. He interacted with farmers of various states through a virtual meet. An amount of Rs 18000 crore was released in instalments under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme to bank accounts of more than nine crore farmers. An amount of Rs 6000 crore is released every year, for farmers, under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme.

Highlights of PM Modi’s speech

  1. PM Modi said that ‘Rs.18,000 crore have been deposited today in the bank accounts of more than nine crore farmers of the country. Ever since the PM-KISAN scheme has started, more than Rs.1,10,000 crore has reached the farmers’. He regretted that more than 70 lakh farmer families from West Bengal could not benefit from the scheme. The state government also stopped the verification process of more than 23 lakh farmers of Bengal who had applied online to benefit from the scheme.
  2. While targeting the opposition, he questioned the ‘achievements’ of those who ruled Bengal for 30 years?  The farmers in Bengal do not benefit from the PM-KISAN scheme. However, the rulers don’t talk about this, but go to Punjab to protest. Is the nation not aware of this and why is opposition silent here?
  3. The parties that do not speak in favour of the farmers of Bengal are preaching about farmers’ rights in Delhi. The parties that talk about APMC have forgotten that there is no APMC in Kerala, but they don’t protest there.

Farmers’ agitation continues

The government has invited the agitating farmers for another round of talks.