Innovative farming experiment of a farmer in MP succeeds Playing music in the field and for cows increases the yeild !

Every farmer should conduct this experiment; however, it is advisable to play Satvik and Indian music. It would be more beneficial to play devotional songs and Bhajans by Saints !

New Delhi – Akash Chaurasia from Kapuria village of Madhya Pradesh plays music in the farm for more yield and more milk production. He tries to keep the farm and animals happy by making them listen to the songs, and this has led to an increase his income. He has gained fame through this and many farmers all over the country are approaching him for training.Chaurasia said, ‘the farming is a natural process. Nature has one rule. We plant a seed and nature makes a tree out of it. This whole process involves small creatures like bees, butterflies etc. Human beings watch films, sit in a quiet place, listen to music to find relief from its stress. Likewise, nature is also gifted with biodiversity for refreshments. However, the number of butterflies and bees is reduced now a days. Hence I play  music to make the trees and crops stress-free.’

Akash Chaurasia cultivates 16 acres of land organically. He has installed a large music system in the field. He plays music on this system. He plays music while milking the cows as well.