Congress leader supporting terrorists in Kashmir arrested

This is the real face of Congress ! Since political parties in Kashmir are supporting terrorists in some or other way, stringent action should also be taken against them in order to end the terrorism !

Srinagar – Congress leader Gowhar Ahmed Wani was arrested by the Jammu- Kashmir Police in Shopian District for ferrying terrorists.

  1. Few terrorists were travelling in a vehicle on 7th December. They succeeded in escaping when the Indian Army tried flag them down at Baba Khader Rampura Chowk. Gowhar Wani was accompanying the terrorists in the vehicle. Initially he tried to play the victim. But  investigation revealed that the terrorists had his support. He was then formally arrested by the Police.
  2. Sources report that Wani used to arrange for vehicles and other arrangements for the terrorists. The day his vehicle was intercepted, he was ferrying Hijbul Mujahideen terrorists to help them escape.