Religious fanatic butchers assault a female reporter in Hassan (Karnataka) in presence of the Police

Hindus do not expect such incidents to take place and illegal animal slaughterhouses to run in a BJP ruled Karnataka. An assault on a female reporter in presence of the Police is shameful for them.

Hassan (Karnataka) – An incident of assault occurred in Pension Mohalla when a female journalist reporting against illegal cow slaughter was attacked by religious fanatic butchers. This female reporter along with the Police and animal activists was trying to enter 4 illegal animal slaughterhouses and 5 places where the bovine animals were kept. These places stocked more than 100 bovine animals. The illegal slaughterhouses were run by Hasan Babu and Rahman.

The religious fanatics gathered on the spot started assaulting the female reporter after she demanded to open the slaughterhouses, during which she was molested too. She was warned of dire consequences if she didn’t leave the place. This resulted in rescuing few bovine animals, while the rest of animals were hidden by the butchers.