How to obtain maximum spiritual benefit of wearing necklaces ?

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Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant

A chain worn around the neck is one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery. It is very popular with men and women. While buying a chain, most of us consider its aesthetic and monetary value. However, another consideration should also be there – that a chain emits subtle (that which is beyond the comprehension of the five senses, mind and intellect) vibrations. These vibrations affect us at a deep level.

The true measure and analysis of what happens in the subtle dimension can only be through the medium of the sixth sense. At the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV), we have seekers in our spiritual research team who can perceive subtle vibrations emitted by an object or individual. The readings are then verified or corrected by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, to get the accurate values. Here, based on spiritual research we will explain some factors that contribute to the spiritual positivity or negativity in a chain. The factors given ahead are applicable to men as well as women.

1. Design of chains worn around the neck

Nowadays, chains are available in a variety of designs. Most are eye-catching. However, the subtle vibrations emitting from each vary. Depending on whether these vibrations are positive or negative, they have a corresponding effect on the wearer. Most of us may not perceive the subtle effect of the chain on ourself due to lack of ability to perceive the subtle dimension. This ability develops with regular spiritual practice. However, irrespective of whether we perceive the effect or not, the effect does take place.

To give an idea of the kind of vibrations emitted by various designs and how they affect us, we conducted an experiment using advanced sixth sense.

We checked the internet for the 10 most popular chain designs worldwide. We then asked our seeker with advanced sixth sense, Ms. Madhura Bhosale, to study these designs. Based on this study, we have given the proportion of the subtle Sattva, Raja or Tama component along with the name and image of each chain design, and below each image of the design we have given how the chain affects the wearer. We have arranged the chains in the descending order of spiritual positivity, meaning, the most spiritually positive (Note) is the first on the list.

Note : There are a variety of subtle positive vibrations. In the ascending order of positivity they are – Shakti (Divine Energy), Bhav (Spiritual emotion), Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), Anand (Bliss) and Shanti (Peace).

1A. Gourmette chain : 12% Sattva component

Experience of being tied up tightly

Experience of being tied up tightly

1H. Singapore chain : 30 % Raja-Tama component

Experience of pain in the subtle and feeling of the body being tied up

2. Length of the chain worn around the neck

The ideal length of a chain ranges from 2.5 cms. below the Vishuddha-chakra (Throat-chakra) till the Anahat-chakra (Heart-chakra). For children below 10 years of age, chain worn 1 inch below the Vishuddha chakra is most beneficial. Wearing a chain below the Anahat-chakra is not beneficial for anybody.

3. Thickness of the chain worn around the neck

A thick gold chain with sattvik design attracts Shakti. Raja-Tama predominant individuals are extroverted by nature. This is why, they like thick chains. As an individual’s sattvikata increases, his attitude starts becoming introverted and consequently his liking changes to wearing a chain which is finer. A sattvik individual is easily able to imbibe even the subtle principle through the fine chain. Thus, initially wearing a chain with medium thickness is spiritually beneficial for an individual. As the spiritual level increases, one feels like wearing a chain which is finer.

4. Number of chains worn around the neck

Sometimes, people wear more than 1 chain around their neck. Wearing a single chain is most sattvik. Wearing more than one chain progressively reduces the spiritual benefit. However, we can wear maximum up to 5 chains. Wearing more than that deprives the wearer of any spiritual benefit.

5. Man-made and machine-made chain

As a machine is inanimate, it has less sattvikata and Chaitanya compared with a man-made chain. When man makes any piece of jewellery, the sattvikata in him is transferred to it. This is why, man-made chains are more sattvik than the machine-made ones.

However, in the present times most people across the world are Raja-Tama predominant. Hence, jewellery made by them can have distressing vibrations. This is why, irrespective of whether the chain is man-made or machine-made, it is advisable to keep it in the sun for 2-3 minutes a day to destroy the distressing vibrations in it. Then we can wear the chain after rubbing a pinch of camphor powder or Holy ash (Vibhuti) on it.

6. Wearing a chain with
or without a pendant around the neck

6A. Chain without a pendant : By wearing a gold chain with Sattva predominant (Sattvik) design without a pendant around the neck, Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) enriched with Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) is attract-ed and emitted into the environment. Due to this, the Raja-Tama particles in the environment surrounding the person wearing the gold chain get destroyed. Wearing a chain without a pendant helps keep the person introverted.

6B. Chain with a pendant : A pendant is made of different shapes with a design or a picture on it. The pendant emits sattvik or non-sattvik vibrations depending on its design. If, for example, a pendant has a skull picture, then the wearer may experience physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual distress. This is why, it is important to select a pendant of a sattvik design. Wearing a chain with a pendant leads to extroversion in the wearer.

7. Effect of wearing a gold chain as an anklet

In India, traditionally gold jewellery is worn above the waist and silver jewellery around the waist and feet. There is a specific spiritual science underlying this tradition.

7A. Why is gold jewellery to be worn above the waist : Gold augments the Tejtattva and it is utilised to protect from the subtle negative energies working in higher regions (Note 1) above the ground. Hence, jewellery worn around the middle and upper part of the body is made of gold. The chakras beginning from Manipur-chakra (Navel-chakra) upwards have greater capacity to imbibe positive energy. Hence, in the regions from Manipur-chakra and above, gold jewellery which transmits Tejtattva is worn. Gold repels the attack of strong negative energies present in the respective layer.

Note 1 – Higher regions are 8-10 feet above the ground, medium region is 5-6 feet above the ground and lower region is 2-3 feet above and close to the ground.

7B. Why is silver jewellery to be worn around the waist and feet : Generally, jewellery worn by women from waist downwards is made of silver. Silver has greater ability to imbibe Raja predominant waves. Hence, it is used in jewellery around the waist and feet in order to protect from the Pruthvitattva (Absolute Earth Principle) and Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) predominant waves emitted by Patal (Hell region).

7C. A pilot UAS experiment to study effect of gold chain worn around the ankle : Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of wearing gold anklets. We conducted a pilot study using a modern scientific equipment, the Universal Aura scanner (UAS), to study the effect of wearing a gold chain around the ankle. Please visit – – for details on the UAS machine and how to interpret its readings.

7C 1. Methodology of the experiment : We conduct this UAS experiment on 2 young lady subjects. One was affected by subtle negative energies and the other was not. We took baseline readings of both subjects when they reported for the experiment. Then we asked the subject without distress to wear the gold chain used in the experiment around her neck for 20 minutes.

During this 20 minutes period, she was asked to just relax, not to do any physical or spiritual activity such as praying, chanting, etc. After 20 minutes of wearing the gold chain, we recorded her UAS readings. This gave us an idea of the subtle effect of wearing the gold chain around her neck. Then we asked her to remove the gold chain and again to just relax. After 20 minutes we again took her UAS readings and found that these readings were near her baseline readings.

This showed that the effect of wearing the gold chain had worn off. If the reading was not like her baseline reading, we would have waited a further period of time, till she came down to her baseline reading. Since she had already reached the baseline reading, we asked her to wear the same gold chain (worn earlier around her neck) around her right ankle.

We again asked her to wait for a period of 20 minutes without any physical or spiritual activity. Then we took her UAS readings.

We repeated the same procedure with the same gold chain on the other subject who was affected by subtle negative energies. The table ahead shows the readings of both the subjects. All the readings are in metres.

7C 2. UAS readings of subject who did not have distress : The table ahead shows that after wearing the gold chain around the neck, the positive energy and measured aura of the subject increased. In contrast, both reduced after wearing the gold chain around the ankle.

7C 3. UAS readings of subject with distress : The table ahead shows that after wearing the gold chain around the neck, both types of subtle negative energies reduced, whereas the positive energy and measured aura of the subject increased. In contrast, both the types of subtle negative energies increased, whereas both the positive energy and the measured aura reduced after wearing the gold chain around the ankle.

Thus, the above pilot study corroborated the advice of our Scriptures, that gold jewellery be worn above the waist.

Authors : Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (Founder, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay) and

Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant (Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay Research Team Member, Goa.)

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