All Madarasas funded by the terrorists should be closed down

Wasim Rizvi, Chairman of Shia Waqf Board demands

Hindus feel that the Centre and the States ruled by BJP should take action as per the advice of Wasim Rizvi.

What a Muslim leader understands will never be digested by so-called secularists and pseudo-progressives. They consider all madarasas to be ‘secular’.

Lucknow (UP) – “Terrorists fund the madarasas. Radical countries fund these terrorists and madarasas. Madarasas train and produce terrorists. The Government must close down all madarasas and start primary and secondary schools in them”, demanded Wasim Rizvi (Chairman of Shia Waqf Board). Assam Government will close down all madarasas from November 2020. Wasim Rizvi was responding to this decision of the Assam Government.

Rizvi added, “Until children from all religions start education together, radical thinking, wrong propaganda of Islam and hatred for other religions will not end. We must respect every religion”. (All secularists and pseudo-progressive organisations must answer this. – Editor.)