Beware, as India may suddenly attack China ! : Says cunning Former Chinese Military officer

India should actually do what this Chinese Military officer is afraid of and liberate Aksai Chin and Tibet from China.

Beijing (China) – “India has increased its troops on the border from 50,000 to 1 lakh. Its Army is stationed 50 kms. away from the Chinese border. In a matter of hours, they could suddenly attack and enter China. Therefore, China should remain vigilant”, former Chinese Lieutenant General Wang Hongguang expressed this fear in an article on a social media account of ‘Li Jian’ which is related to Defence.

Wang Hongguang says India needs 50,000 troops to secure the LAC. However, now India has deployed 1 lakh troops in Ladakh instead of reducing its troops before winter. The threat of war has increased.

Wang fears that the events in Taiwan and the upcoming US Presidential election could give India a chance to do something bigger.