People should learn to live with the leopard ! – Jabalpur Forest Department

Complete irresponsible and insensitive response from the Forest Department ! Would that be ok if people demand from Forest Department the demonstration of such living ?

Jabalpur (M.P.) – The leopard seen in the Naigaon area of Jabalpur is not the one who would eat human flesh. He has not attacked any human being as of now. Small animals like dogs etc. are his natural food. So people should let him live. Since this area is close to forest area people should learn to live leopard, stated forest department in high court.

People living in this area are facing a threat to their lives as leopard is seen several times in this area. Though people see this leopard somewhere in this area some or other time, the Forest Department has failed to see it. As this was the case, people have sent the photos of leopard to Forest Department. Still the Forest Department could not see the leopard. So the leopard has still roaming freely. As a result of this the matter was taken to the Court.

Reply of this sort is not expected from the Government Department ! – Social worker Rajat Bhargav

Social worker Rajat Bhargav’s advocate Aditya Sanghvi replied to the above statement of the Forest Department that, “reply of this sort is not expected from the Government. This reply is weird, irresponsible and neglects the danger from the leopard.”