Powerful Chinese fighter jet shot down by small Taiwan !

There is no confirmation from both the countries yet

This event proves once again that war is fought not on numbers, but mental strength. This incident shows that the threats of China’s military power are hollow, and it understands the only aggressive language. Now it is expected that the Indian Government should also adopt a more aggressive policy against evil China.

Beijing (China) – Taiwan, a tiny country that is the enemy of China has shot down a powerful Chinese Sukhoi-35 fighter jet. However, this information has not yet been confirmed by both countries. According to news channels, Taiwan carried out the strike after a Chinese fighter jet infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace. Taiwan is said to have used an American-made Patriot missile defence system for the attack.

According to media reports, Taiwan had repeatedly warned China not to violate its airspace; However, Chinese fighter jets often violated Taiwan’s airspace. The incident is expected to further escalate tensions between the two countries.