‘It is forbidden for Muslims to take COVID-19 vaccine !’ – Opinion of the Imams of Australia

Now such people will not be called anti-science, backward or religious fanatics !

Why only Corona ? Are vaccines for other diseases or forbidden ? So how do Imams accept other vaccines ?

Perth (Australia) – Imam Sufyan Khalifa has aired a video saying that it is forbidden for Muslims to take COVID-19 vaccine. He also called on people of his sect to oppose the COVID -19 vaccine by presenting a question mark to Muslim organisations supporting the COVID-19 vaccine. He went on to say, “Muslim organisations talking about the vaccine being appropriate are shameful. Catholic Christians are also opposing this vaccine; because it is forbidden and illegal.” Earlier, an Australian religious leader had also opposed the COVID-19 vaccine in Oxford.

However, the spokesman of the Australian National Imam Council, Bilal Rauf, said in his statement that the greatest principle of Islam is to protect lives !