An award of Rs. 51 lakh announced by a religious fanatic for killing the nephew of Congress legislator

A case of posting objectionable matter against Prophet Mohammad on Facebook

The so-called Secularists and progressives do not speak about such serious issues even after openly threatening someone. This brings into picture their true face ! 

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) – A primary investigation has begun against Shahzeb Rizvi of Meerut responsible for announcing a reward of Rs. 51 lakh for killing the nephew of Congress legislator Srinivas Murthy. Incidentally, Murthy’s nephew had posted objectionable matter on Facebook against Prophet Mohhamad. Police administration has promised to take strict action against Rizvi. Rizvi is the owner of an organisation in Meerut. After seeing Naveen’s post, religious fanatics had spread violence across Bengaluru. Police administration has arrested Naveen.