‘Abandoning the workers in the difficult times, is this your ethics ?’ – Questions Industrialist Ratan Tata to the businesses

Industrialist Ratan Tata furious about the organisations laying off the workers

Ratan Tata

New Delhi – The workers in your establishment worked for you, made a career with you. How can you lay them off ? Is this your business ethics ? Head of Tata Group Ratan Tata questioned all organisations in an interview with ‘Your Story’. Dissatisfied with the attitude of companies to lay off the workers fearing loss of revenue in these difficult times, he grilled them.

He continued, ‘When the country was hit by the Corona epidemic, many establishments laid off thousands of workers. Is the solution to your problems ? I certainly do not think so. You suffered a loss in the business, it is improper to ditch your workers. Their liabilities are upon you. If you are sensitive, only then you remain in the business for a long period.

Accepting the situation is the only solution !

Speaking regarding Corona, he said, ‘There is no place to hide or run away. Wherever you may go, you will suffer losses. The only resolution is to accept the situation. You will have to change many of your habits.’