Two persons of a YouTube channel devoted to Periyar arrested for insulting Bhagwan Kartikeya’s bhajan

  • If these persons are imprisoned for life, it will suffice as a lesson, and others will not dare to insult as done in this incident !
  • It is evident that malevolent of Hindu religion and so-called reformists Periyar created hatred for Hindu religion and Hindu Deities within the Tamil community.    

Chennai – Cyber Crime Branch of Tamil Nadu Police filed a complaint against the YouTube channel run by followers and activists of Periyar. Police arrested two persons M. Senthilvasan and Surendran of the YouTube channel ‘Karuppar Koottam’. This channel disrespected the stotra glorifying Bhagwan Kartikeya. The other presenter of the channel, Surendra Natrajan applied for pre-arrest bail in Madras High Court. BJP State Youth Division leader Vinod P Selvam and State Counsel Circle Head R.C. Paul filed a complaint with the Police on behalf of BJP State Vice President M.N. Raja. The Police promptly took action and arrested the culprits.

Petitioner Surendran

1.This YouTube channel made a video showing derogatory remarks about stotra of Bhagwan Kartikeya ‘Skand Shashthi Kavacham’. However, the exact remarks insulting the stotra are not available.

2. Every Hindu home recites ‘Skand Shashthi Kavacham’ stotra every day. This stotra bestows good health, good luck and mental peace. Just as in North India, people recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ similarly in South India people recite ‘Skand Shashthi Kavacham’.