Hindu girls in AMU hostel are pressurised to wear Hijab

Hindu girl student informing on Twitter was threatened with putting brass Hijab on her

The UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should appoint an administrator to stop the persecution of Hindu students in the University.

Aligarh (U.P) – The country’s well-known Aligarh Muslim University is once again in controversy. A Hindu girl student tweeted about the pressure on the Hindu girls to force them to cover themselves in AMU hostels.

On this tweet of the student, a student of AMU has also threatened, ‘Insha Allah you will also be wearing a hijab, that too of brass’. Later many students have also tweeted objectionable remarks. After this, the scared student has sent complaints to the AMU administration and the Police in the case. The AMU administration has set up an investigation in the case, while the Police have registered an FIR.

On this matter, AMU professor Mufti Zahid said that a Muslim student can also tell any Muslim girl in AMU not to wear such clothes so that there a problem. This is the honour of India. If a Muslim boy is telling a non-Muslim girl to use the hijab, then it is wrong.