Taiwan welcomes Dalai Lama to propagate Buddhist teachings ! – Taiwan

India should persistently project the injustice done to Dalai Lama by   China to the world and exert check on it.

Taiwan – ‘If the Dalai Lama wished to visit Taiwan to teach Buddhism, we will certainly welcome him’. said a statement issued by the Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou. If Dalai Lama requests for a visit the ministry will decide as per protocol, she clarified. Dalai Lama had visited Taiwan in 2009. China vehemently opposes the Dalai Lama.

The tension between China and Taiwan is on the rise since the last few days. China threatened an impending war against Taiwan. In these circumstances, the statement of Taiwan could turn out a provocation. China claims Taiwan as an integral part of it. However, Taiwan proclaimed itself as an independent, democratic, and sovereign country.