Pakistani citizens in London protest expansionist China: Chanted ‘Vande Mataram’ in support of India

London (The UK) – The Pakistani citizens here marched to the Chinese Embassy and protested the expansionism of China. They sang ‘Vande Mataram’ in support of India. The people exhibited hoardings against Xi Jinping and made a demand to contain his imperialist policies.

Many organisations participated in the demonstrations. The participants included the Human Rights Activist in Pakistan Dr. Amjad Arif Ajakia, leader and spokesperson of oppressed Kashmiri citizens in POK Ayub Mirza, and citizens of Karachi. ‘I sang ‘Vande Mataram’ for the first time’ was the spontaneous reaction of Arif Ajakia. The agitators shouted slogans, “Boycott China” and “Down with China.” Ayub Mirza opposed the construction of the highway in Pakistan and stated that the people of Baltistan and Gilgit strongly oppose the highway, a part of the CPEC. All these activities go on with the consent of the Pakistan Government, he said.

On 11th July, a huge hoarding saying ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Free Hong Kong’, and ‘Release Uighur Muslims’ was hung on the Chinese embassy in London. The Chinese Government tortures local Uighur Muslims’. The US imposed restrictions on China as a protest against the atrocities.

(Courtesy: A.N.I.)