BJP Govt. in Karnataka to soon pass a Bill against cow slaughter

  • It is rather expected that the Central Govt. itself passes such a law and implements it strictly !
  • There are many States in the country where the prevention of cow-slaughter law has already been passed; however since it is not being implemented strictly, still cows are slaughtered and beef is sold. Cow protectors still have to try hard and fight for the protection of cows. The Police are taking the action after receiving information from the cow protectors; however, there is no news that Police have proactively detained the cow slaughterers. The Government should try in such a way that the same is not repeated in Karnataka even after the formation of the Act !   

Bangalore (Karnataka) – Prabhu Chauhan, the Minister of State for Animal Husbandry informed that there would be soon a ban on cow slaughter, sale of beef, transportation of cows and calves to slaughter houses. BJP had promised to ban cow slaughter in its assembly polls manifesto. BJP Government had passed the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Bill in 2010; but the Congress Government had withdrawn the Bill after coming into power in 2013. (This is the real face of Congress ! – Editor)


Chauhan added, ‘The Government will form a team of experts to ban cow slaughter once the current corona pandemic is over. (Why wait till the corona pandemic is over ? Such a team can be formed even in the present situation ! – Editor.) The matter will also be discussed with the Chief Minister.’