30 kg gold smuggled in diplomat’s luggage seized in Kerala !

A former UAE Consulate PRO and a woman arrested.

Why is Govt. luggage not checked every time? If so, then such kind of smuggling might have taken place even before and would continue to happen in future as well. It should be thoroughly investigated, but it is doubtful whether the Communist Party Government will let that happen !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – On 5th July at the International Airport 30 kg of gold was found being smuggled through ‘air cargo’ of diplomatic consignment. UAE Consulate PRO and Kerala CM’s office is named in this connection. UAE Consulate PRO have clarified that, ‘in this smuggling neither him nor any of his worker is involved’.

(Courtesy: Republic World)

In this incident, former Consulate PRO Swapna Suresh is the main accused who has been arrested. Currently she is working at Kerala’s KSITIL ‘Space Park’ as Operations Manager. Consulate PRO Sarith has also been arrested. Sarith was earlier sacked; but was in contact with Swapna Suresh. He knew that ‘items in the diplomat’s luggage are never checked, and so they smuggled gold misusing the diplomatic immunity.’

Kerala’s CM Office is trying to bail out the culprits- BJP allegations

Meanwhile, Kerala’s BJP state President K. Surendran in a press conference alleged that, ‘the moment it was informed that Swapna Suresh is main accused in the case, CMO and Information office started pressurising Customs Office to release Swapna.’