India should not interfere in Tibet, which is an internal issue of China : Wails China

India should give a fitting reply to China in its own style. China has also built roads and dams in Pakistan occupied Kashmir which is a disputed territory.

The fact is that Tibet was usurped by China and it is committing atrocities on Tibetans. If India is disclosing these facts to the world and uniting countries to oppose China, it is within India’s rights. Therefore, India should not succumb to such threats from China.

Beijing (China) – Global Times, a mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, has once again threatened India. The newspaper has said in its editorial that in some parts of the Indian media an issue is being raised that India should use the Tibet card. The newspaper has written that this is a lost and absurd idea.

In an editorial titled ‘Proposed’ Tibet Card ‘Harmful to Indian Economy’, the newspaper has said that the idea of some people in India thinking that Tibet card can be used during the ongoing standoff with China is an illusion.

The newspaper writes that Tibet is an internal issue of China and no one should touch it. Global Times has also written about the progress of Tibet. It claims that in recent years, the Tibet Autonomous Region has grown comparatively faster.

The Global Times has said that rapid development is a good foundation for creating a stable social environment in the Tibet region. The Chinese English newspaper has said that the ‘so-called’ Tibet card is only a figment of the imagination of some Indians but in reality, it is of no importance.