A 23-year-old martyred soldier Gurtej Singh alone killed 12 Chinese soldiers

New Delhi – Information on clash between India and Chinese soldiers on 15th June in Galwan Valley is slowly emerging now. A 23-year-old martyred soldier Gurtej Singh’s courageous act has come to the light. During the ongoing struggle, the ‘3rd Punjab Ghatak Platoon’ was called in. Our soldiers carrying their customary Kirpan, sticks and sharp knives, attacked the Chinese soldiers. The Platoon included Gurtej, and he killed 12 Chinese soldiers before being martyred.

When the Ghatak Platoon reached the Valley, Gurtej was surrounded by 4 Chinese soldiers. He attacked and killed two of them. He pushed them all down a cliff. In the process, Gurtej lost his balance and slipped; but was stuck in a boulder injuring his head. Gurtej pulled himself back into the fight holding his Kirpan against the Chinese soldiers. He killed a Chinese soldier by snatching a sharp weapon and killed the another seven Chinese soldiers. Gurtej was seriously injured by the Chinese soldiers, and yet, as he went down, he killed one more Chinese soldier.