The District chief of ‘Goraksha’ gunned down at Pipariya (Madhya Pradesh)

Despite the BJP Government in MP, the killings of cow protectors take place; this is worrying.

Hoshangabad (MP) – The district chief of Goraksha, Ravi Vishwakarma was shot down on the 26th June in Pipariya, MP. The identities of the culprits and the motive of this murder are unknown.

Ravi was travelling with his three colleagues in a car; another car blocked the road. Six persons carrying sticks, iron rods and guns emerged from the second car and shot at Ravi. He was critically injured and died before reaching the hospital.

Amit, younger brother of Ravi filed a complaint with the Police. An offence was registered against Nitu Vanshkar, Munna Patel, Sanju Patel, Abhi Tiwari, Abhishek Chaurasia, Kallu Mehra, Nitin Silavat, Rajju Purabiya, Ajit Patel and others.