Chinese company XIAOMI puts ‘Made in India’ hoardings on its shops

  • This is cheating the Indian customers. The Government must impose strict action against Chinese companies.
  • Realise that China will understand only the economic boycott.

New Delhi – Chinese companies manufacturing XIAOMI mobile phones are scared stiff the boycott by Indians. These companies put ‘Made in India’ boards on their shops in NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Patna and the other cities. Indian people are sensitive about Chinese products due to continuous strife on borders. Many organisations, companies, and the public have initiated the boycott of Chinese products. To counter the public sentiments, XIAOMI acted and instructed the staff not to wear company uniforms.

All India Mobile Retailers Association’ instructed Chinese companies not to display logos

All India Mobile Retailers Association’ wrote a letter instructing the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, XIAOMI, OPPO, VIVO, ONE PLUS, REALMI, LENOVO, MOTTO and HUWAI to cover the company logos displayed on the shops. This may prevent arson and damage to retailers.