Fanatics burn Indian National Flag and raise anti-national slogans in Lucknow

An attempt to make a ‘Tik-Tok’ video

Fanatics thrash up up those who opposed

  • The occurrence of such an incident in UP’s capital Lucknow shows the pathetic condition of law and order in the State. This is shameful for the Police Department and administration !
  • The religious fanatics openly show the courage to commit such seditious act proves that ‘they have no fear of the Government, Police department and administration ! It is expected that the Government takes action in a way that it has an upper hand on traitors and fanatics !
  • If these religious fanatics have so much malice towards India, then the Government should deport them to Pakistan.

Lucknow (UP) – Four religious  fanatics in Bazarkhala area of Lucknow, allegedly burnt the Indian National Flag and raised anti-national slogans. When the people tried to confront them, they attacked them. This incident took place on the venting of 21st June. The fanatics were to create and broadcast a ‘Tik-Tok’ video of this act. Two responsible citizens tried to confront them, these fanatics assaulted them. Then other people intervened and pulled off those 2 people. People managed to catch a convict and gave him in police custody while the other three fled away. Arrested accused, being a minor (aged 15 years), has been sent to a juvenile home. An FIR has been registered in Bazarkhala police station, against the accused.