American Secret Agency claimed China lost 35 soldiers in the battle

China is yet to officially declare the losses in violent clashes

  • The ‘ANI ‘ new agency reported 43 casualties of Chinese soldiers.
  • China did not disclose the exact casualties of corona patients. Will it reveal the large number of soldiers killed by the Indian forces ?
  • The number of dead Chinese soldiers clearly shows that the Indian Army retaliated against the aggression and gave an apt response. This is highly commendable; all Indians must applaud our soldiers.

Washington (USA) – Though 20 Indian soldiers officially martyred in the combat, China did not declare its losses. The Global Times, a Government newspaper in China, reported 5 dead and 11 wounded. However, a news website here, quoting the American Secret Service sources, reported that China lost 35 soldiers and 1 officer. ‘ANI’ news agency reported a loss of 43 Chinese soldiers.

China will never accept the deaths of its soldiers because it is an affront to the Chinese Army – American analysis

ANI’s sources revealed that the Chinese helicopter’s night movements increased at the clash site. Chinese soldiers were being evacuated from the site on stretchers. Ambulances were ferrying the dead and wounded. It is evident that China suffered a major loss of lives. Confirmation of the extent of losses and the exact number of dead Chinese soldiers are not available. Certainly, the death toll of Chinese soldiers is 40 or more.