2 Indian soldiers & a Colonel martyred Chinese loses 5 soldiers dead & 11 wounded

India – China border dispute intensifies

Soldiers of both countries fought with stones and sticks

  • This is an indirect war declared by China against India. We should not tolerate this instigation and deliver a fitting response in all fields. If we do not strike a blow now, very soon, the situation may go out of control.
  • The Chinese soldiers are attacking Indian soldiers on border posts with stones and sticks. Soon they may attack with modern weapons.

Leh (Ladakh) – The border conflict going on at the Galvan valley in Ladakh resulted in the clash on the 15th June night between India and China Armies. Both Armies fought with stones and sticks. One Colonel and two soldiers of India were martyred. Five Chinese soldiers died and 11 wounded. Official information about Chinese losses was published in the Chinese Government newspaper, Global Times. The incident took place when both the Armies were on the retreat after the negotiations on 6th June. Senior officers of both Armies reached the spot and discussions are going on. Talks are going on regarding the border dispute at Galvan valley between the senior officers of both Armies. The skirmish took place amidst the talks. A high-level meeting was held in which the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat, Foreign Minister S. Jayshankar and Chiefs of the three armed forces participated in the meeting.

In 1975, four Indian soldiers martyred in the firing

On 20th October 1975, Chinese soldiers assaulted the Assam Rifle patrol team at Tulung-La of Arunachal Pradesh. Four soldiers were martyred in the firing.

340 Chinese soldiers lost life in the clashes, in 1967

On 11th September 1967, firing took place between Indian and Chinese soldiers. On 16th September 1967, two Armies clashed again. The confrontation continued until October 1967. Sixty-seven Indian soldiers were martyred. China claimed a loss of 32 lives in the Indian firing. Indian sources claimed that China lost 340 soldiers and 88 soldiers of India were martyred.

False allegation of China – Indian soldiers crossed the border and attacked Chinese soldiers

  •  Chinese policy is instigating altercations and blame India. If China provokes skirmishes, be aware, India will deliver a fitting response every time.

A news agency reported that the Chinese Foreign Ministry alleged the Indian Army crossed the border and attacked the Chinese Army. ‘India should not flare up the issue’ a warning was issued by the Foreign Ministry of China.

When Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zao Lojin asked to comment, he said he is not aware of the incident. Chinese Foreign Minister stated that we wish to resolve the dispute through talks with India.