2 Indian officials in Indian embassy were beaten with rods in Pak and released late in the night

The India-hating and perverse mentality of Pakistan has been exposed through such incidents. Will the Indian Government take revenge over the treatment given to its officials at least now ?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – ‘The two officials of the Indian mission in Islamabad, who were kept under detention for almost 12 hours, were picked up from a petrol station close to the high commission’, said sources.

These embassy officials were picked up at 8.30 a.m. Pakistan time on 15th June by a group of around 15-16 armed people who came in six vehicles, the sources cited above said on condition of anonymity. They were blindfolded with a rucksack thrown over their heads and handcuffed, they added.

The two officials were later taken to an unknown location about 10 minutes from the place where they were picked up and interrogated for about six hours. They were repeatedly beaten with rods and wooden sticks and made to drink filthy water. Giving further details, the sources said that the two Indian officials were interrogated regarding the specific role and function of all High Commission officials.