Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu’s Tenkasi demolished by the Police at the instigation of Muslims

  • The Police who do not dare to remove unauthorised loudspeakers on mosques despite many complaints by Hindus promptly demolish the Hindus’ temple.
  • Since the ruling AIDMK party in Tamil Nadu is always against Hindus, such an act occurring during their regime is not surprising.
  • To protect the religious rights of Hindus, the Central Government should ask the Tamil Nadu Government to clarify the incident.
  • If such an incident had happened in case of the minorities, the secularists in the country would have cried hoarse.  

Tenkasi (Tamil Nadu) – The Police and District administration bulldozed the Kattuppasathy Madasamy temple in Sammenkulam village ignoring the protests of Hindus without following due process of law on the complaint lodged by the Muslims that the temple affects the privacy of their women folk bathing. (If Hindu temples are demolished on such complaints, where is the rule of law ? – Editor)

In Tenkasi district, the Nadar community is primarily into small business and agriculture. They pray at the Kattuppasathy Madasamy temple in Sammenkulam village from generations together. However, Muslims are a majority in this hamlet and the attacks on Hindus by radical Islamists are not uncommon here.

Mr. Pacchaimaal, son of Subbaiah Nadar, the village head of Sambankulam lodged a complaint with the District Collector. The Nadar community now feels that both police and revenue authorities acted in this manner to satisfy the Muslims. It gives credence to the allegation that Edapadi Palaniswamy administration is going out of the way to please the minorities in the State considering their votes which are crucial for their win in next year’s assembly polls.

According to locals, some radical elements belonging to the Popular Front of India and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and Muslim organisations, are trying to create communal discord between Hindus and Muslims.

TN Government appeases minorities and discriminates against forward community

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edapadi Palanisamy has directed revenue officials not to issue income certificate to economically poor among the forward communities to deny the Central Government’s 10% aid. Principal Secretary (Revenue) Dept. in an order, directed the Tehasilars to not issue income and asset certificate to Economic weak among the forward caste, either through online or in person. This step is taken to appease the minorities because of their vote bank to be used in forthcoming Assembly elections. (This is an insult to the Constitution. The Central Government should ask for clarification from the State Government. – Editor)