A Christian missionary spews poison against Hindus in South Africa

On complaints by ‘South Africa Hindu Mahasabha’ Facebook removes the disputed video

  • This is the real face of Christians ! ‘The whole world is my home’ is the teaching of Hindu Saints; on the contrary; Christian missionaries spread hatred about other religions.
  • Congratulations to South Africa Hindu Mahasabha. They acted promptly to revolt against anti – Hindu attacks. Other devout Hindus should also learn from this.

Durban (South Africa) – A Christian missionary of Indian origin, Simeon Bradley Chetty made strong anti-Hindu comments. This video became viral on Facebook. ‘South Africa Hindu Mahasabha’ objected to the video and protested against it. Consequently, ‘Facebook’ removed the disputed video. Chetty was addressing a gathering at ‘Chatsworth’, south of Durban. In his speech, Chetty made slanderous anti -Hindu statements. Mahasabha stated ‘they registered a complaint against Chetty and the associated church. All concerned must render an unconditional apology. Hindus will not tolerate such attacks.’ Facebook removed the video.

Followers of other religions also expressed dissent against Chetty

Many followers of other religions expressed anguish regarding the insult of Hindu religion by Chetty, on social media, and protested against it. Chetty violated the lockdown imposed due to corona in South Africa. He gathered people for religious activities. A demand posted on social media urged the Police to impose a stern punishment on the concerned.