Status quo at Pangong Lake region : Both Armies face each other

China instigates aggression on borders and India tries to pacify it by holding peace talks. This is unacceptable. It is a sheer waste of manpower, time and money resources. India must acquire credibility so that China dares not to create any mischief.

Leh (Ladakh) – China deployed forces in Galvan Valley, PP – 15, Hot Springs and Pangong Lake regions of LAC. This resulted in tension between the two countries. India responded swiftly and deployed forces in the region. Out of these four areas, both countries moved back their Armies in three regions. The northern region of Pangong Lake is at status quo with both Armies facing each other. This region of Pangong Lake is the main contention of dispute. A bilateral meeting between both Lt. Generals concluded on 6th June to devise a plan for resolution of the dispute.