‘Moody’s’ in the US reduces the investment credit rating of India

New York (US) – ‘Moody’s’, an organisation studying the investment credit rating, in the US, made a statement that India’s investment credit rating is low. ‘Moody’s’ warned that India would face a low growth rate and a higher fiscal deficit. This situation is due to the Corona epidemic. Investment credit ratings issued by these organisations are important to international circles. These ratings decide the countries and sectors for foreign investments. Policies on how to invest in projects use these ratings as guidelines.

1. ‘Moody’s Investors Service reduced the environment for investment ‘Global credit rating’ of India from the current rating BAA 2 to BAA3. ‘Moody’s’ raised doubts about the secure implementation of schemes announced by the Central Government to combat Corona.

2. ‘Moody’s’ raised India’s credit rating from BAA 3 to BAA 2 in November 2017. In its assessment, the fiscal status of India improved after 13 years.