Name Yelahanka flyover after a patriot from Karnataka instead of Savarkar ! : Demands Karnataka’s former CM Kumarswamy

Realise the narrow-mindedness of Kumarswamy, discriminating the Indian freedom fighters, who fought for the entire Nation, on the basis of States ! Can such leaders keep the country united ?

Offence should be registered against those who insult Swantantryaveer Savarkar and they should be imprisoned in Andaman’s jail for life !

engaluru (Karnataka) – Naming the Yelahanka flyover after Savarkar is an ignominy for the people fighting for the development of the country. Several eminent personalities have fought for our country’s development both before and after the Independence. It would have been appropriate to name the flyover after any of these personalities. Does any other State name the flyovers in their States after the patriots from our State ? Karnataka’s former Chief Minister H. D. Kumarswamy demanded through a Tweet that the State Government should rescind the decision. The flyover was named after Swatantryveer Savarkar by the State’s BJP Government.