The Supreme Court asks for Central Govt’s opinion on a petition seeking entry of Muslim women in Mosques

New Delhi – While hearing the petition requesting entry for Muslim women in Mosques, filed by Pune based woman Farah Hussain Sheikh, Supreme Court issued notice to the Central Government seeking its opinion. These notices have also been issued to Union Ministry of Minority, National Commission for Women, All India Muslim Personal Law Board and some others. At the same time the Court declined to connect the petition to the review petition of Sabarimala case headed by the bench comprising 9 judges. This bench will pass judgment on this issue even in this petition. The Court said that this is a separate case and hence its hearing will be done   independently.

Farah Sheikh stated in the petition that no citizen should be discriminated on the basis of religion, caste, varna (Class), gender or birth place. Many political parties and leaders attempted to give rights to women; but they did nothing for women’s entry to Mosques. (This is the fraudulent secularism of politicians ! – Editor) In fact female citizens also pay tax to the Government. Also enacting the Uniform Civil Code has been an elusive goal. Many a times, it has been ignored despite the instructions given by the Court.  (Hindus feel that for enacting the Uniform Civil Code the Court should now issue an order rather than giving advice ! – Editor)