Delhi High Court upholds Union Govt’s decision to block the Briar messaging app in Kashmir

Briar app was blocked due to possible use in terrorist activities

New Delhi – The Delhi High Court has upheld the Union Government’s decision to block the Briar messaging app in Jammu and Kashmir. The Delhi High Court has said that the Government can set aside the principles of natural justice for the sake of national security. Justice Subramonium Prasad said that the decision taken by the Government at the highest level can be kept confidential in the interest of the country’s security and sovereignty.

1. The Briar establishment had approached the High Court, saying that the Government should withdraw its decision to block Briar under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

2. The Government told the court that the Briar software can work even without an internet connection and is suspected of being used by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. This software can be misused. As such, it may pose a threat to India’s national security, sovereignty and integrity.

3. After hearing the matter, the High Court ruled that the interim order passed by the government was reviewed by a committee set up under Section 7 of the Blocking Rules. This app is blocked only in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It can be used in all other parts of the country.