Pro-Hindu organisations stage protest after carcasses of cows were found in Jabalpur (MP)

Courtesy : Bhaskar

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) – 57 carcasses are found on Tulla Baba hill in Katangi area of Jabalpur District. Hindus informed that the remains are that of cows. On 28th June, Hindus took to streets to stage a protest. They blocked the Jabalpur-Damoh road for 4 hours. As soon as the information was received, District Collector Deepak Kumar Saxena, and Police Superintendent Aditya Pratap Singh reached the site. Both the officers promised stern action against the accused and then the traffic was normalised.

Editorial Perspective

As cow-slaughter is banned in BJP ruled MP, Hindus expect that such incidents should not happen there.