Municipal Corporation demolishes illegal section of mosque in Delhi

Muslims pelt stones while protesting the action

New Delhi – The Delhi Municipal Corporation has taken decisive action against the illegal construction of a mosque in Mangolpuri, Delhi. There was a lot of commotion while removing the illegal construction of the mosque. Amidst this chaos, the illegal section of the mosque was demolished, along with other illegal structures. A large Police force was deployed during this operation. Muslims protested against this action. The action was taken following complaints against these constructions.

Upon arrival at the site, Police and municipal employees faced resistance from Muslim men and women who climbed onto the mosque in protest and pelted stones at the officials. Despite the opposition, the authorities proceeded with the demolition of the mosque’s illegal section.

Editorial Perspectives

  • First, they build illegally, and then when action is taken, they take the law into their own hands. This is the mentality of religious fanatic Muslims.
  • Where do those who say ‘Muslims are insecure in India’ disappear during such incidents ?
  • Was the administration asleep until the illegal construction took place ? They should also be held accountable.