Terrible harassment of a Hindu family by Muslim fanatics in Hadapsar (Pune)

  • The perpetrators have been reciting loud namaz in the building and deliberately keeping meat in front of their house on Ekadashi, causing them significant mental distress
  • Additionally, the family’s drinking and domestic water supply connections deliberately broken
  • Despite being victims, the family received a preventive notice from the police, adding to their distress
(Symbolic Picture)

Hadapsar (District Pune), June 23rd (News) – The Gaikwad family has been residing in the Sasanenagar Sai Villa building since 2017. Recently, a Muslim individual named Tamboli purchased seven flats in the same building and rented them to Muslim families. Following this, a large group of outsiders began praying loudly inside the building. When the Gaikwad couple complained about the disturbance, they were severely beaten up. (This incident highlights that the fanatics have no fear of the police. It is a shame that the police do not inspire awe ! – Editor) Upon approaching the police to file a complaint, the couple was served with a restraining order instead of receiving justice. Subsequently, Tamboli cut off the Gaikwad family’s water supply. On Ekadashi, meat was deliberately placed in front of their house. Fanatics also installed CCTV cameras to monitor and target the Gaikwad family. When this was reported again at the Hadapsar police station, the police responded that ” Tamboli is not listening to us.” (How can such police maintain law and order? It is evident that the police who abuse Hindus, cow down to the Muslims! – Editor)

Hindu family living in fear

Today, the Gaikwad family lives in fear and is considering selling their flat and moving out of the area. (Hindus are living in fear due to the non-cooperation of the police. Complaints should be made to their superiors, such that punitive action is taken against these incompetent policemen! – Editor)

Editorial Perspectives

  • The police who have a tendency to punish the victims while letting the perpetrators go free should be immediately dismissed and imprisoned by the government.
  • Isn’t this a form of land jihad ? This situation illustrates how religious fanatics, who historically seized forts and temples, are now attempting to displace Hindus. It serves as a warning for the Hindu community.