In Bihar, bridge constructed at a significant cost of Rs 12 crore, collapsed before its scheduled inauguration

Bridges have collapsed in Bihar before !

Araria (Bihar) – In a significant setback, a newly constructed bridge over the Bakra River in Araria, Bihar, collapsed on June 18th, before its scheduled inauguration. The bridge, built for Rs 12 crore, saw 3 of its pillars sink into the river, leading to the collapse. The bridge construction establishment and local administration promptly reached the site. An immediate investigation was launched to determine the cause of the collapse. Officials from the rural construction department arrived at the scene to assess the damage and initiate an investigation. Vijay Mandal, MLA of the area, confirmed that the bridge was constructed by the district’s rural construction department. The incident has raised serious concerns about construction quality and oversight.

Incidents of Bridge Collapse in Bihar

1. Sultanganj Bridge Collapse (June 2023):

– Location: River Ganga, Sultanganj

– Incident: A bridge under construction collapsed.

– Cost: Rs 1,700 crore

– Details: This collapse occurred after the previous bridge in the same location had already collapsed in 2022, raising serious questions about the construction practices and oversight in the region.

2. Kosi River Bridge Collapse (March 2024):

– Location: River Kosi, Supaul

– Incident: A slab of the bridge under construction collapsed.

– Fatalities: One worker was killed.

– Details: The collapse of this bridge slab resulted in a tragic loss of life, highlighting the dangers posed by inadequate safety measures and potential lapses in construction standards.

Editorial Perspective

Bridges built during the British period have lasted for more than 100 years and continue to serve their purpose. In contrast, some modern bridges in India, built post-independence, have shown a concerning tendency to deteriorate rapidly or even collapse before inauguration.