Fights between the MPs during the ‘G-7’ Summit in Italy

(The G-7 Summit includes Italy, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany and France.)

Rome (Italy) – While the ‘G-7’ summit has started in Italy, it has come to light that some MPs in the Italian Parliament have pushed each other. The video of this incident is currently circulating on social media. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani regretted the incident and said, ‘I have no words to speak’.

This event took place to give more autonomy to some regions of Italy. The opposition in Italy’s parliament has claimed that granting autonomy to these regions would create a north-south regional divide and increase poverty in the southern regions. Opposition leader Leonardo Dono tried to hand over the national flag to minister Roberto Calderoli after the Government proposed it in parliament, But Roberto Calderoli refused to accept it. At that moment members of the opposition suddenly tried to surround Roberto Calderoli. Immediately after that, some ruling party members also reached the place. A chaotic situation ensued as they jostled each other.