Pakistan allegations on India : In the last five years, 13,000 youth disappeared in Kashmir

  • Pakistan raised the issue of Kashmir again in the United Nations
  • Also criticised the United Nations for not paying attention

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan once again raised the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations. At this time, Pakistan also criticised that the United Nations did not pay much attention to the issues we raised. Pak made this statement during the discussion on the issue of the disappearance of civilians from war-torn areas. Pak alleged, “Indian security forces have disappeared 13,000 children in Kashmir since August 2019, but the world is silent about this”.

The representative of Pakistan said,

What the Indian Police and security forces are doing in Kashmir can be included in the category of horror. There is no information about thousands of Kashmiri youth.

How people are being abducted continuously in Kashmir is earnest. Thousands of women in Kashmir don’t know if their husbands are alive or not. They are called ‘half widows’ in Kashmir. This is a serious humanitarian problem. We want the United Nations and human rights organizations to investigate this matter. It has to be said that this has not been seriously discussed yet. Strict enforcement of international law and procedures for determining accountability for persons missing in armed conflict is essential.

Editorial Perspective

In the last 34 years, thousands of people were killed in Pakistan due to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, while four and a half lakh Hindus had to flee. Why doesn’t Pakistan talk about this ?