Campaign in the US for the release of jailed Khalistan supporter Amritpal in India

Amritpal has won the Lok Sabha election contesting from jail

Washington, US – A campaign is being launched in the US for the release of Amritpal Singh, a jailed Khalistan supporter and now an independent MP from Punjab. For this, American Advocate Sardar Jaspreet Singh has taken the initiative and he met the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. In this meeting, the US was asked to intercede for Amritpal’s release.

Advocate Jaspreet Singh further said, “Representatives of all gurdwaras in the US and people of the Sikh community in the US have asked me to present before the US government the request of the US demanding the release of Amritpal Singh from prison in this meeting. The US government will intervene in this case. Advocate Jaspreet Singh met Cory Booker in New Jersey on June 7th for the same matter.

Editorial Perspective

People should note that the US does not oppose such anti-India campaigns, but rather encourages them.