Peace in Manipur should be the priority : Sarsanghachalak

H.H. Sarsanghchalak (Dr) Mohan Bhagawat

Nagpur – “Manipur State has been seething for over a year. Hatred is filled in the atmosphere which is causing intense pain. Peace in Manipur should be the priority,” said H.H. Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohanji Bhagwat. The concluding ceremony of RSS Karyakarta Vikas Varg II was organised at Reshimbagh ground. He was addressing the gathering there.

He further said,

1.    Society must be based on unity and culture. Our society is full of diversity, but the origin is the same. Others’ opinions must be respected. We have kept our own brethren as untouchables and kept them at a distance. Vedas and Upanishads do not support such ideas. Untouchability and discrimination are outdated. Injustice has caused hatred and distrust towards one another. People’s resentment is because of injustice. They must be brought back to the mainstream.

2.    Elections are a compulsory process in a democracy. Two parties must have competition, at the same time, it should not be taken as war. The way criticism was made during the election campaigns; it created hatred in the society. Now that we have a Government, the basic problems must be discussed, and for that, the ruling party, and the opposition should focus on political consensus.