Trump called Imran Khan and asked to free IAF pilot Abhinandan : Pak’s former minister

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s former Union Minister Fawad Chaudhry has claimed that after the arrest of Abhinandan, a pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF), the then US President Donald Trump called former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and instructed to release Abhinandan. Trump asked to send Abhinandan back to India and end the conflict, claims Chaudhry. Chaudhry also added that Trump held India responsible for the escalation of tension between the two countries, but discouraged Pakistan from escalating the matter further. Chaudhry was speaking in ‘Aaj News’ programme in Pakistan.

A pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF),Abhinandan

1. In 2019, after India’s air strike in Pakistan, Pakistan tried to attack India by air. At that time Abhinandan had chased the Pakistani planes in his MiG fighter plane. His plane had crashed in Pakistan and he was later arrested by Pakistan.

2. Chaudhary added that Donald Trump did not have a very good opinion about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trump had a negative opinion about Modi. At that time Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an opportunity to solve the issues between India- Pakistan.; as Imran Khan was ready to improve the relations between the two nations. Good relations between India-Pakistan are beneficial to both the countries.

Editorial Perspective

Why is Chaudhry hiding the fact that India had threatened to attack Pakistan if Abhinandan was not released ?