Delhi-Varanasi ‘Indigo’ flight bomb threat turns out to be hoax

Passengers being evacuated through emergency exit
Courtesy : The Hindu

New Delhi – The incident follows a recent series of false bomb threats targetting various public locations. On the morning of 28th May, a ’tissue paper’ with a bomb written on it, was found in the IndiGo flight (6E2211) from Delhi to Varanasi. Staff evacuated all passengers through the emergency exit, and a bomb disposal squad was called. The plane was searched; but the authorities did not find anything suspicious. The matter is being further investigated.

This is the eighth incident related to bomb threats against airports, schools and hospitals in different cities of the country this month. All the threats so far have turned out to be false.

Editorial Perspective

Despite the frequent occurrences of hoax, it is evident that the network of Jihadi terrorists persists within the country. It is imperative to eliminate Jihad and all the material propagating it from our country.