An individual killed by liquor mafia in Rajasthan

2 arrested in 48 hours, 4 absconding

Jaipur – In an incident in the State, in Jhunjhunu, the liquor mafia brutally beat up a worker of a cowshed. They beat him up for five hours due to which Rameshwar Valmiki died on the spot. A minor accused had made a video of this incident. The heart-rending video has gone viral on social media. The Police have registered a case and launched a hunt for the killers. The Police arrested 2 within 48 hours. Recently the Police have informed us that this incident took place in Baloda village, Dist. Jhunjhunu, on 14th May.

The video shows the accused had tied the hands and legs of 27-year-old Rameshwar, put him on the ground and then beat him up several times. The liquor mafia and illicit liquor makers are at loggerheads in Baloda. The liquor mafia suspected Rameshwar was in touch with the illicit liquor makers. So, they kidnapped Rameshwar took him to a house and killed him. Rameshwar was also working at a cowshed.

Editorial Perspective

Gangs of hardened criminals like liquor mafia, sand mafia and mining mafia are active in every district of the country, such gangs must be wiped out by the Government.