Spain, Norway, and Ireland recognize Palestine as a country; Israel infuriated

Israel Recalls Ambassadors from all three countries

Tel Aviv (Israel) – To stop the Israel-Hamas conflict, the European countries of Norway, Ireland, and Spain have formally announced their recognition of Palestine as a country. An official announcement from these countries is expected in the last week of May. This move has angered Israel, prompting it to recall its ambassadors from these countries.

Recognition of Palestine is equivalent to endorsing terrorism – Israel

Reacting to this decision, Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz stated that recognizing Palestine by countries like Norway and Ireland is tantamount to endorsing terrorism. He asserted that Israel will not remain silent against those who undermine its sovereignty. Katz further added that this decision to recognize Palestine could harm efforts to secure the return of hostages from Gaza and the ceasefire. Israel’s priority remains to ensure the safety of its citizens, eradicate Hamas, and secure the release of hostages.

140 countries recognize Palestine

More than 140 countries worldwide have recognized Palestine, although many European countries and the United States have not yet done so. This has prevented Palestine from becoming a permanent member of the United Nations. India has supported Palestine’s bid for permanent membership in the United Nations.